About Us

Meet the owner

Tara Whitman

My passion for horses started when I was very young. However, growing up in a boating family horses weren't a priority. It was not until well into my adulthood when I met my husband, Roy, and purchased a farm, that my passion for horses was rediscovered. I began taking lessons and soon purchased my first horse, Glory, a mare who was pregnant at the time and before I knew it I owned two horses, Glory and LuLu. Soon I added Tiny into the herd and years later Quest came along. My knowledge for caring for horses came very quickly, I learned about: pregnant mares, foals, young horses, and all the responsibilities that came with caring for my girls. Still working in the corporate world, I realized horses were more fun and my true passion, and so Almeda Farm was created. 

Our mission Focus. Work. Achieve. worked for me in my corporate career. I thought it would work equally well in my second career; Almeda Farm.

Almeda originates in Latin language and means "achieving".

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